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Items For Sale by Members

The following items are for sale by the members. The CCPB takes no responsibility for the content of the items listed. It is the responsibility of the member to review their add and notify the webmaster if corrections are required. All items will be automatically deleted after 3 months (see AD date).

Members - Please submit adds via e-mail to the webmaster, photos optional.

C-7 Hand Painted Corvette Hood Liner - $285

I am selling any corvette hood liner painted by hand this Zo6 is one example and is currently on eBay (Corvette C7 Z06 hand painted underhood liner logo). For custom liners I will need the head liner from the car or I will buy new ones. Head liners cost from $100.00 for the cross flag liner; or $215.00 for stingray liner or grand sport for $232.00; the Z06 with cross flags is $240.00 from G.M. these prices are with out being painted. Call Jack at 561-777-8787. See PICTURE.       AD7/18

2006 Convertible, Auto, Yellow with 29,500 miles - Asking $25,000

This is a show Corvette that has been well cared for, has many accessories and new chrome wheels and tires. Call Marcia at 262-758-1566. See PICTURES.        AD7/18

2014 Convertible 7 sp Blk/Blk with 12,000 miles

Call Wendy at 561-275-3691. See PICTURES.        AD7/18

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